Extending the Life of the Running Shoe

Hello, my name is Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. of Advanced Podiatry and I’m here today to talk to you about extending the life of your running shoes.

Typically, running shoes last between 350 to 500 miles. It also depends on the weight, and how hard you run, and the type of runner that you are. But even people who just run lightly and are doing maybe 100 miles or so total, the shoes may show signs of change during that time.

The typical things you’ll see is the heel itself will change shape and will actually either be tilted one way or the other depending on how you run or walk. Also, the cushioning of the shoe will be augmented as well because of the pressure of the feet.

So, what we suggest is that you track your running habits and you track how many miles you are actually running. And then, you should also be aware that multiple shoes may be in order if you are an avid runner.

So, let’s say you run three to five days a week, well you may want two or three pairs of running shoes in order to keep your feet healthy and have proper support during those runs.

Also, people who sweat a lot, or run in the water, or run in humid environments, moisture can affect the shoe as well, so that means that what happens over time is the shoe starts to shrink. It’s actually a really bad idea to try to dry your shoes in the dryer because unlike [like?] [00:01:48] clothes, shoes can shrink since it is made out of fabric primarily.

That being said, it’s not a good idea to keep it out in the sun after a wet run or try to put it by a heater because again, the same effect, it may shrink the shoe and therefore decrease the length of time of use with that shoe.

The shoes are very important and of course, in a previous video, we talked about how to pick the proper running shoe. All those rules apply, especially if you are an avid runner because the shoe is pretty much the main vehicle that you’re using to accommodate for your runs. This is very crucial to the longevity of not only the shoe but also the longevity of your body holding up for numerous runs and numerous miles running because it will take its toll on the body if you run a lot and improper shoe gear can cause you to fatigue or have injury occur which is obviously something we want to avoid.

Examine your shoes daily and be sure to check your shoes at least every 100 miles to make sure that there’s no major deformities that can cause you pain. If the shoe does seem to fit funnier or fit abnormally, then it would be wise to go to a running specialty store and maybe purchase a new pair of shoes.

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