Fall is Here! Let us Make you “Moore” Balanced

Patients who have balancing issues struggle to complete the easiest of tasks. Going to the kitchen to get some water can prove to be the cause of a tragic ankle injury or even worse a fracture. Throughout life there are many medical issues that can cause weakness and instability to the feet and ankles. The doctors at Advanced Podiatry are able to help identify those problems and remedy them with some of the latest medical technologies.

Weakness to the feet/ankles can be a result of various conditions. Trauma, such as ankle sprains or previous fractures, can lead to instability in the future. Nerve problems such as neuropathy can cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to function abnormally, therefore leading to an unstable foot/ankle. Neurological diseases (e.g. parkinson’s, stroke, Guillain Barre, muscular dystrophy) cause very dramatic weakness and instability to the foot and ankle as well. With all these foot problems there are a variety of braces that can aid in improving balance as well as function of the foot and ankle.

The Moore balance brace is a custom fitted ankle and foot orthoses (AFO). This is the “go to” brace if you are in need of a long term solution. The brace is custom fitted so it is molded to the patient’s foot, ankle, and lower leg. After the mold is completed it is sent out to a manufacturing facility where it is made into a functional brace. The Moore balance brace is very effective because it is customized to fit the patient perfectly. The customization allows the brace to be very comfortable and at the same time provides complete support to the foot and ankle. Since the device is flush to the foot and ankle, it supports the lower extremity very well, and helps to prevent abnormal motion. The support stabilizes the ankle and foot joints so that the patient is in turn more secure when walking.

Another device that is available in the office is a prefabricated ankle and foot orthoses (AFO). Prefabricated means the device is made to fit a wide variety of people and it is not custom. When compared to custom bracing, a prefabricated AFO can provide equal support at a fraction of the cost. Typically these braces are given to people suffering from chronic ankle sprains and also chronic tendinitis. Achilles tendinitis and posterior tibial tendinitis benefit very well from this type of brace. This brace can be used long term for instability and also temporarily for acute foot injuries.

Both braces are excellent options when it comes to healing foot/ankle pain and increasing stability. The fact that you can wear these braces in most of your existing shoes is also a bonus. If you or a loved one has suffered an ankle sprain or has weakness to their feet and ankles, please do not hesitate to call. 813-875-0555. The doctors of Advanced Podiatry will explain how and why the brace should be used to help relieve your symptoms immediately.