Flesh Eating Bacteria

Necrotizing fasciitis is one of the worst fears for both patients and doctors alike. It’s summer time and everyone loves going to the beach however, there have been several reported cases in which people have been infected with flesh eating bacteria. These infections spread extremely fast and are very serious conditions. They can cause severe damage to your skin and soft tissue that can result in loss of limbs or even death!

Necrotizing fasciitis can be caused by a number of different bacteria. During the summer months, Vibrio Vulnificus is usually one of the main culprits for these devastating infections. This bacteria is commonly found on shellfish in the Gulf of Mexico during the warm summer months. It is important that if you have an open wound to avoid exposure to possibly contaminated waters. The bacteria can enter open wounds, causing an infection and your skin essentially starts to rapidly die. If the bacteria infiltrates the bloodstream it can cause sepsis which has a mortality rate of 50%. These infections are considered medical emergencies and need to be treated immediately! Our doctors at Healthy Feet Podiatry are well trained at identifying and treating these infections if they do occur. We are also pride ourselves in wound care prevention to stop these types of infections in their tracks.

Outside of severe infections, we are also able to treat any of your other foot and ankle problems. We have access to many different treatment techniques and devices to take care of any pain you may be experiencing. These include cortisone injections, PRP, SuperPulse Laser, Ozone, Shockwave, Cryosurgery, and 3D scanned orthotics. We can also perform surgical procedures when necessary which include ingrown nail removals, soft tissue mass excisions, hammertoes, bunions, flat feet, joint replacements, fusions and fractures.

Whether it is an emergency infection or just a nagging pain in your feet, we can help you get better. Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!