Flip Flops Can Lead to Foot Pain

Flip flop season is in full swing in Florida and it’s not a good thing. Our office has seen a drastic increase in people who come in with heel pain.  The flimsy footwear is often the blame for the aches and pains that our patient’s complain about.  They provide minimal to no protective or structural support for your feet.  Most sandals generally are able to contort in all sorts of directions.  This puts a lot of abnormal stress along the arch because the only natural part of your foot that bends is the toes.  The ligaments on the bottom of your feet become overly stretched and damaged leading to plantar fasciitis.

Other common culprits that can lead to injury include clogs such as Crocs and Athletic sides.  Like flip-flops, they are too flexible and don’t offer the support and protection of a shoe.  Often you see kids running around and playing in these rubbery footwear.  This can lead to trips, falls, and even stubbing of the toes.

Although it is important to wear good shoes – it is not realistic to do it all summer long.  People are not going to wear shoes and socks to the beach.  Sometimes the Florida weather is so hot, it is borderline torture to be walking around in something closed-toed.  You have to be smart in picking what you wear and when you wear it.  If you’re going to be walking around Disney or Busch Gardens all day long, this would be the best time to wear a comfortable shoe with a Custom Orthotic.  If you’re going hiking or sight-seeing for several hours – again, wear shoes with a Custom Orthotic.  But if you’re going for a quick trip to Publix to pick up some groceries or down to the community pool to tan, go ahead and wear sandals because the likelihood of developing an injury is relatively low.

In terms of support and injury prevention, Custom orthotics are superior in every way compared to slippers.  They allow for shock absorption and redistribute abnormal pressures across the entire foot – preventing injury to your feet, ankle, knees, and back.  They are highly customizable which offers everybody the chance for foot pain relief and prevention regardless of shape and size of your feet.  If you have any further questions on what to wear to prevent injury or reduce foot pain, don’t hesitate and call our office at (813) 875-0555 to make an appointment.

Happy Summer,
Dr. Binh Nguyen