Foot and Ankle Pain in Tampa? – You Have Options

If you have suffered from foot or ankle pain and have seen a podiatrist you know that your options are limited.  You can get cortisone shots and boots and pills and physical therapy.  What happens when that doesn’t work?  Your next option is surgery.  Doctors are known for sticking to old techniques, but we make a promise to you to offer the latest treatments including Regenerative Medicine.  As Podiatry regresses and promotes big open surgical procedures, screws, plates and frames, we are moving into the future with the rest of medicine and offering you minimally invasive techniques and new natural forms of healing.

At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa you have many options that are not offered by other physicians.  Medicine has dramatically changed and now you are responsible for most of your medical care with high deductibles.  We have developed protocols to maximize your results so you get the fastest healing and more permanent results.  This means that you can optimize your medical dollars for the best treatment and pain relief.

We offer you the most advanced technologies and alternative therapies to help you avoid cortisone and surgery.  And even if you need surgery we offer the most advanced minimally invasive procedures that can lead to quicker recovery and less downtime.

Regenerative Medicine

We can stop you foot, ankle and knee pain through regenerative medicine techniques.  Over the last 8-10 years, Dr. Katz has developed protocols and has attended advanced courses with the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine to bring you the best technology.   These treatments require years of experience and Dr. Katz is one of the few in the area to have this experience.

With regenerative medicine, the goal is rebuild weak or worn out tissues and have the body actually repair the tissues.  In contract, cortisone and surgery break down tissue and produce the opposite results in the long term.   We utilize ultrasound and fluoroscopy to improve accuracy to allow for optimal results and pain relief for you.

At Advanced Podiatry we offer you Regenerative therapies such as stem cells, platelet rich plasma, ozone, prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy and many other options.  In addition, we use shockwave and laser therapies to promote true body healing.  This is all performed in the comfort of our office.  No expensive hospitals or surgery centers.

Minimally-Invasive Surgery

So what about surgery?  Of course there are times when it is necessary and we have the most highly trained surgeons in the Tampa area.  However, we concentrate on small incision surgeries where possible.  This allows for rapid healing and less disruption and damage to your normal structures such as tendon, ligaments, joints and muscles of the foot, ankle and knee.  In many cases these procedures are performed in the office.  When your toes curl we can offer help you avoid bone surgery and give you relief in the office with a minimally invasive procedure.  When you have bumps on your foot we can often remove them in the office through a small opening.

If you have ankle pain we can perform ankle arthroscopy through small openings in the skin which will give you significant relief.  Through these small openings our doctors can repair soft tissue, bone and cartilage.

Cryosurgery for Heel and Neuroma Pain

Cryosurgery is an excellent way to get relief from heel pain and neuroma pain with minimally invasive techniques in the office.  Dr. Katz has developed the CryOzone Plus Procedure, a procedure that is only offered here in Tampa.

It is important to be informed and you deserve the best treatment available.   Set up a consultation with the doctors at Advanced Podiatry to see how we can help relieve your foot, ankle and knee pain. Call 813-875-0555