Foot Arch and Heel Pain?

Foot, arch and heel pain can be caused by a mechanical instability in your foot.  With incorrect foot and ankle function, various muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are stressed ultimately leading to pain.  Addressing the mechanics of the foot with an orthotic or custom insole is often the solution.  A custom device and exam by a podiatrist are critical to long-term relief and avoidance of further foot damage and future injuries.  If you have foot pain and need relief see the podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa.  Trust the experts, not a Dr. Scholl’s machine, high school student at a running store or a salesperson at a “foot” store.  Many people come to see me and have been placed in some type of cushion, insole or shoe only to find out that their pain actually was from a fracture or soft tissue tear.  Your feet need to last a lifetime, give the the expertise they deserve.