Foot Causes Deadly Texas Biker Shooting

Foot leads to Waco violence!

Police stated that the death of nine and arrest of 170 bikers was started when a biker ran over another bikers foot.  After the incident, arguments began in the nearby restaurant followed by fighting and gunshots.

The authorities are still unsure of which members actually started the whole incident and it wasn’t clear whose foot was injured.  However, the aftermath was very serious and deadly.

The gathering was intended to be a discussion about laws concerning motorcycles, logos and legislative issues.

While this incident was very serious it is quite amazing that this could be triggered by running over a foot.  Apparently there were many other tensions that escalated this to the deadly outcome and tragedy.

It goes without saying that the foot is a very vital part of everyday life and can lead to many major problems when they are injured.  While this story is an extreme case, many foot injuries each day lead to problems walking, standing and exercising. When these simple tasks are difficult, people often become irritated and depressed.  They take their foot for granted.

Each day our feet seamlessly get us from place to place. They help us relieve stress by walking away from bad situations and help us walk to our exercise classes.  A foot injury can lead to months of pain and disability, disrupting our lives and those around us.

When a foot injury occurs simple steps can be attempted to relieve the foot pain.  Rest, ice, compression and elevation are simple treatments.  Some over the counter anti-inflammatory medications may be helpful if you are not allergic or have stomach problems.

The most important advice would be to seek the care of a podiatrist if the foot pain does not improve quickly.  These injuries could be more serious and you may have torn ligaments or tendons.  Income cases may even fracture a bone.  With a foot fracture you can still walk, contrary to popular belief.

So, protect those feet especially if you are a biker!