Foot Pain? Should I Get a Dr. Scholl’s Insert?

Do you have foot pain?  Do you have ankle pain? It isn’t normal ever.  You may be a sedentary, a runner, a walker or do casual workouts.  Or you may be a triathlete, marathoner, iron man or professional athlete.  In any of these cases you may develop foot and ankle pain but it is not normal regardless of your activity level.  So is Dr. Scholl’s  the answer?

So what should you do?  If your foot and ankle pain doesn’t resolve in a few days with conservative therapy, then you need to see a podiatrist.   Conservative therapy typically includes rest, ice, compression and elevation or RICE.  You may also try over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications as well.  If these fail, your next call needs to be to your favorite foot doctor.

So what causes foot and ankle pain?  Injuries may be the start of your pain.  Or you may have started a new exercise program and got a little too eager.  Maybe your doing everything correct and you still have pain.  These pains can be from over-stretching ligaments, tendons or pounding on joints.  Sometimes your nerve can get inflamed .  In some cases, you may have a stress fracture or a torn ligament or tendon.

In all of these cases, you need to see a professional.  I’m often asked if Dr. Scholl’s inserts or over-the-counter medication is OK?  My answer is that if your pain has not resolved in less than a few days to a week, you cannot rely on these products or shoe store technicians.  They cannot identify if you have a problem that requires professional treatment. Should you go to a   store that will make you inserts or insoles?  Well, if you have pain that has not resolved then you need a diagnosis that can only be made by your podiatrist.

If you have foot and ankle pain in the Tampa Bay Area, call Advanced Podiatry and have one of their foot doctors help you.  Call 813-875-0555.  Or contact us on the Advanced Podiatry Tampa website.