Foreign Bodies in the Foot

Hello, this is Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. at Advanced Podiatry and I’m here to talk to you about foreign bodies.

So, recently I had completed a surgery of removing a foreign body from a patient that thought he got the whole thorn out of his foot. He was walking at the beach and a twig or a branch was sticking up into the sidewalk and he pierced his foot into the mid-foot with this thorn and it broke off. He did what everybody would do and pulled it out right away.

This of course was three months ago and unfortunately what had happened is that he had had chronic swelling and redness and pain to the area where he had the foreign body. And so, we did a series of imaging tests and also aspirations of the joint fluid itself and all signs pointed to infection of the bone.

So, this young gentleman unfortunately suffered infection of the bone due to a foreign body that he took out three months before. This tells me that the public needs to be taught that if you do have a foreign body and it persists with pain and symptoms for several months or over a period of time, this is not normal at all, so therefore you need to seek guidance and the treatment of a podiatrist or a foot and ankle specialist in order to remedy the problem quickly.

This gentleman, young in age, his body was fighting off the infection for a period of time until it overwhelmed his body and it became chronically painful and swollen. When I went in there surgically to remove the infected bone, I found one little maybe six mm piece of thorn in there and that was causing the infection, it was just sitting there brewing over this period of time because it just didn’t come out fully with the first treatment, when the patient pulled out the thorn himself.

So, my advice to you is that if you have any kind of foreign body into the foot, please get it checked out by a foot and ankle specialist or a podiatrist.

Here at Advanced Podiatry, we see a lot of it and therefore we’re very comfortable with treating any kind of foreign body, infection, glass, wood, whatever it is, whatever it may be, we have the technology here to visualize it and identify it quickly. With this advanced technology, we can perform any kind of office procedure to take out that foreign body with minimal incisions.

If you have any questions regarding this or if you know someone or you yourself is suffering from a foreign body infection or a recent foreign body encounter, please don’t hesitate to call (813) 875-0555 or if you need some information regarding this, just go on our website