Gaga Can’t Walk! Does She Need a Podiatrist?

Lady Gaga has announced that she’s been hiding an injury known as synovitis that has left her unable to walk!  Synovitis is inflammation around the joints.  This can happen for many reasons and should not be taken lightly.

She hasn’t given many details but apparently she’s overdone it, ignored it and now she cannot perform.

This is similar to what we often do.  We get so involved in activities and begin to experience pain.  We then just think it will go away.  The pain in your foot and ankle then worsens but you ignore it because you are too busy.  You think to yourself, it can’t get that bad.  And then the inevitable happens!  It gets that bad and now you have severe pain with walking and activities and you can’t get relief.

So now you need to see your podiatrist and get some professional care.  Don’t do a Gaga, take care of yourself and your feet and let us relieve your pain before you’re out of action.

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