Gasparilla Run is On!

I have convinced myself that the only way I actually exercise is if I spend money on registration fees for races. So, I hereby announce that I will be running in the Gasparilla 1/2 marathon. 13.1 miles of lovely Florida winter running through the beautiful city of Tampa. This will be my first Gasparilla run so I am very much looking forward to it. With this commitment to race comes the responsibility of training properly. This is the hard part. With balancing work, kids, and life it is hard to find time to train for these big races. So what do you do? You have to choose to commit to a schedule that suits your lifestyle. For me, I like my sleep, so I choose not to run at night. If I run at night it takes a long time for my body to calm down from the long run and therefore I lose precious hours of sleep. I choose the early morning for my training time. 4:30am is when my alarm goes off and after thirty minutes I am off and running.

I run every other day and cross train with weights on my non-running days. The cross training is definitely not necessary but it helps me keep a regular exercise schedule. If I do something every day I tend to not be lazy and skip days. My first run was about four miles at a 12:56 pace. I would love for my pace to be around nine minutes but this would take a really long time to achieve. My goal at the end of the day is to be healthy and happy. The more I run the better my blood pressure is so I will try my best to keep an active life style to prevent any adverse health events in the future.

The key to running any race is to determine your comfortable pace. This is the pace you can run comfortably at while having a conversation. Once you find this pace make sure it allows you to finish within the time allowed for your chosen race. You can always strive for faster times each race but with that you have to train even more. My comfortable pace is almost 13 minutes a mile and I can do that all day.

The other important thing I can say about training is that you must have an orthotic. A custom orthotic is a device you place in your shoe to prevent abnormal motion of the foot. When I ran my first marathon I knew that my feet, ankles, and legs were fatigued. The orthotics helped to keep my feet in proper alignment which potentially decreased my risk of injury during those last few miles. Having proper support of the arch and decreasing traction of the Achille’s tendon can prevent heel pain and tendinitis of the foot. I wear my orthotics every day but I always make sure to place them in my running shoes before my training session.

If you or a loved one plan on running a race please feel free to make an appointment with the doctors of Advanced Podiatry. The doctor can help to diagnose potential problems of your feet and will also recommend the best orthotics to help support your feet throughout your life. Call (813) 875-0555 today to make an appointment.