Getting Married? 4 Ways To Avoid Foot Pain On Your Wedding Day


My wedding day was eight years ago and I still remember the excruciating foot pain I experienced about midway through the reception. My wife and I were lucky to have my sister who meticulously planned our entire wedding day minute by minute. Everything ran like a well oiled machine but in the end I failed to predict that my shiny shoes would dull my dancing style. The balls of my feet were aching from the tightness of my shoes and I had too much pride to take them off. So, I suffered silently and pushed on through with “liquid courage”. As the evening continued my feet began to swell and that is why my shoes started to feel uncomfortable. I rarely wear fancy shoes and therefore did not realize that they would be a problem. My wife, has always suffered with her high heels so she came prepared. She had a variety of sandals, gym shoes, booties, and slippers in case her feet started to hurt. She was very much prepared and did not have any complaints about her feet. On your wedding day make it pain free by following these four ways to avoid foot pain on your special day.

1. Choose a shoe that is a little loose

For males this is quite an easy task. Acquire shoes that are a half size bigger than your regular shoe size to allow for the swelling of your feet. The bride will have to get a little more creative with regards to providing some wiggle room. One way to accomplish this goal is to use a thin sock or foot padding to fill the space in the early hours of the festivities and ten as your feet swell you can take off the sock/padding. There are also shoes that stretch with your foot but choices can be limited with regards to high heels.

2. Bring a variety of shoes for comfort

Women who wear heels have a general idea as to how long they can function without pain. This is great information to know because the bride can then switch her shoes to something more comfortable before her pain starts. This will help to prevent pain and also will allow for ease of movement. Men can do the same with their tuxedo shoes. They can bring a pair of their business casual shoes of the same color and use them instead of the non-supportive dress shoes.

3. Use a custom orthotic (insert)

Custom orthotics can be used with high heels but they have to be specially made. At Advanced podiatry we are able to fabricate custom orthotics for use with high heels but it takes some modifications and also an appropriate high heel. If the heels have minimal material then the orthotic can slip out of them. The doctors of Advanced Podiatry are well versed in the art of fabricating orthotics so they will be able to inform the patient if the heels are appropriate. The groom can use a custom orthotic in almost any type of shoe.

4. Soaking and Massaging your feet

If you are able to pamper your feet before and after your wedding then you are lucky! Being nice to your feet by giving them some “TLC” can prevent a lot of symptoms during the big day. My suggestion is to have someone rub the bottom of the foot along the plantar fascia and arch. The plantar fascia is a ligament that stretches from the heel bone to the base of the toes.

Massaging this structure can help to reduce strain to the bottom of the feet. Soaking the foot can help to increase blood flow to the feet so that the muscles are relaxed and any inflammation is flushed out of the foot. Ice can also work wonders to help decrease any inflammation. If your feet do become a problem then have some frozen water bottles prepared ahead of time. While sitting at dinner you can easily slip the frozen water bottle underneath any painful areas of the foot without anyone seeing.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Make sure your achy feet are not a part of the festivities. Follow these steps to ensure a happy pain free day!

You can also make an appointment with the doctors of Advanced Podiatry to help any existing foot pain or to fabricate custom orthotics to help prevent future foot pain. Make an appointment today by calling (813) 875-0555.

Best regards,
Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr