Holistic Podiatry: A Foot and Ankle Functional Approach

Integrative Podiatry Services

Digital X-Ray- This form of x-ray provides greater detail than traditional x-ray with less radiation than larger traditional units.  No toxic chemicals are required to develop the x-ray.  This is one of the ways that we help the environment stay safer and cleaner.   For more information:  /services_scanx.html

Diagnostic Ultrasound – This modality allows for radiation-free examination of soft tissue, stress fractures and foreign bodies within the tissue.  Dr. Katz also has a doppler feature allowing for assessment of neovascularization or new blood flow to an area of injury or to a mass.    For more information:  /services_ultrasound.html
Peripheral Vascular Analysis- Accurate measurement of pedal blood flow is essential in establishing a base line for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, diabetic ulcers, wound care, intermittent claudication, Raynaud’s disease, diabetic neuropathy, etc. We utilize state-of-the-art Doppler/waveform analysis.   For more information:  https://www.unetixs.com/revo.htmlExtracoporeal Pulse Activation Therapy – Dr. Katz performs a non-invasive myofascial therapy to heal tendons, ligaments, muscle and connective tissue.   This can be incorporated into to your overall treatment plan.  This therapy induces physiologic changes that increase blood flow, reduce pain receptor activity and change muscle tone leading to release of tissue trigger points.  This therapy allows the body to produce a natural response to inflammation and injury leading to significant long-term relief when used in combination with other alternative therapies.  For more information: https://www.curamedix.com/pdf/D-Actor_50.pdf

Biostimulation Therapy/Super-pulsed MR4 Laser – Dr. Katz chose this laser because of its safety and excellent healing potential.  The laser light is a painless, safe, non-invasive, drug-free and effective option leading to reduced pain and acceleration of healing naturally.  The laser has a unique combination of radiances that work synergistically for optimal pain relief and healing. These include: super pulsed laser, pulsed broadband infrared SLDs, pulsed red light, static magnetic field and electrical stimulation.
Therapeutic Laser Biological Effects:
Rapid Cell Growth, Faster Wound Healing, Increased Metabolic Activity, Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation, Anti-Inflammatory Action, Increased Vascular Activity and Stimulated Nerve Function.    For More information:

Homeopathic/Bioregulatory Medicine – Dr. Katz uses ultrasound-guided injections and oral remedies to enhance other treatment modalities.  Homeopathic preparations support the body’s ability to self-regulate and detoxify/drain at the cellular level.  This natural support allows the foot and ankle to enter the appropriate healing pathway.  Traditional medicines such as cortsione and anti-inflammatories actually have the opposite effect and deter the body from the natural healing process.  In a person that already has decreased immune function, traditional medications can actually provide no relief or make the condition worse.

Nutritional Therapies and Healing Strategies – Dr. Katz will review your lifestyle to help you make positive changes.  Proper nutrition and diet has been shown to provide long-term prevention of chronic disease.  On the other hand, poor nutrition is now being recognized as the major factor in today’s obesity and disease epidemic.   Dr. Katz will help you implement diet, nutrition and exercise changes to pave your path to wellness.  Dr. Katz will use nutritional therapies combining herbs, vitamins, amino acids and mineral supplements to bring your body back into balance.  He uses pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements from industry-leading companies.   These products are supported by extensive research.   These therapies and strategies will be complemented by other personalized treatments to heal your foot, body and soul.

Functional Laboratory Analysis –  This complex analysis is individualized for each patient and is based on extensive history and physical examinations.  Dr. Katz will use this analysis to supplement the history and exam process to ultimately understand and treat your foot and ankle problem.  The tests used analyze the core clinical imbalances that lead to various disease conditions and ultimately your foot and ankle problems.  The science-based process of functional lab testing goes far beyond standard testing and reveals imbalances in body physiology that can lead to foot and ankle disease.  By improving these imbalances, patients will return to foot, ankle and full body wellness.  The body is a complex web and changes based on diet, stress, gut imbalance and toxins.

In addition to standard blood tests such as CBC, Metabolic panels, lipids and thyroid testing, Dr. Katz uses the following functional testing to get to the source of your foot, ankle and leg problem:

GI Stool Analysis: Around 70% of the immune system resides in the gut(intestines).  Appropriate balancing of the GI system can improve the immune system and your body’s ability to fight inflammation of the foot, ankle and leg.

Food Allergy Testing(IgG4): Food reactions may produce inflammation, degenaration and immune responses leading to foot and ankle problems

Organic Acids: This metabolic test will evaluate nutrient balance, intestinal health, neurotransmitter activity and detoxification demands.  Imbalances lead to autoimmune disorders, blood sugar dysregulation, dermatitis, muscle and joint pain weight gain.  All of these imbalances relate closely to foot and ankle problems.

Fatty Acids: These substances are critical in foot and ankle wellness.  Fatty acids are essential for vascular, neurologic, joint and immune health, all involving the foot and ankle.
Fat-soluble vitamins: A, E, D, Beta Carotene and CoQ10.  These are important antioxidants and play an important role in vascular and bone health.

Lipid Peroxides: This will assess free radical formation that can lead to multiple degenerative and immune system problems.
Cortisol and DHEA: Adrenal Stress is a major factor in chronic diseases and poor immune function.

Nutrient and Toxic Elements: Deficiencies and Excess can uncover problems such as neuropathy, poor wound healing, bone loss and many immune problems.

Regenerative Therapies:  Common foot and ankle conditions associated with chronic pain and instability often involve weak and torn connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons.  In addition, joint degeneration is common.  Dr. Katz uses prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections to assist the body in natural repair by forming new healthy tissues fibers and collagen for repair.  Regenerative medicine is gaining great attention due to excellent outcomes that can be obtained naturally.

Minimally-Invasive Surgery: Dr. Katz provides convenient minimally-invasive procedures in the comfort of his office.  These procedures can allow faster return to work and activities and allow for avoidance of risky anesthesia.  Dr. Katz often uses natural immune optimizing therapies to promote natural rapid healing with less risk of infections and complications.

General Podiatric Medicine: Of course, Dr. Katz still offers traditional podiatry to his patients.  His treatments may integrate traditional and holistic podiatry for the best outcome.  In some cases traditional medication and treatment can provide the patient with adequate relief.  Dr. Katz still provides his patients with wound care and limb salvage surgery.  In addition, all common foot and ankle conditions are treated by Dr. Katz.