How Can I Stop My Ankle Pain?

Do you need to stop your ankle pain?  Does this sound familiar?

“Doc, my ankle hurts when I walk and the only thing that helps the pain is not walking. “

“I have this clicking in my ankle when I play sports.”

“This is the second ankle sprain I’ve had this year please help!”

These are three very common complaints I hear from my patients and more often than not they are able to have alleviation of their pain with a simple, minimally invasive, procedure called ankle arthroscopy (ankle scope). Through two tiny openings in the skin a trained surgeon in arthroscopy can repair fractures, torn ligaments, and even fuse joints.

Debris within the ankle joint can sometimes form from cartilage, bone, or even scar tissue from a previous injury.  Many times this debris can be floating around in your ankle causing painful popping and clicking with every step you take.  It’s a possibility that the ankle joint may even lock up and become immobile temporarily until the debris dislodges. With ankle arthroscopy you can have these symptoms relieved with minimal recovery time.

With ankle sprains, there is a high probability of damaging the cartilage within the ankle joint causing discomfort when performing simple activities such as walking, crouching down, or even climbing stairs.  Osteochondral defects (OCD) are places where the cartilage has been damaged within the ankle joint and are causing pain and swelling.  We can fix these defects by cleaning out the damaged cartilage and making small holes into the bone to promote regrowth of new cartilage.  This of course is done through only two tiny openings in the skin.

Footballer’s ankle or athlete’s ankle is also a common injury that occurs in active individuals and is a result of the impingement of bone or soft tissue that has become inflamed.  Uphill walking is difficult because the bones within the ankle joint collide upon each other and this results in decreased upward motion of the ankle.   A bone spur at the front of the ankle joint may also be present and through the scope these problems can be corrected.

The applications of ankle scopes is ever growing and I find that it works really well in relieving ankle pain with minimal complications.  Patients can have the procedure performed in an outpatient setting and at the surgeon’s discretion are able to walk the same day.  Utilizing state of the art techniques to correct foot problems and pain has always been a priority at Advanced Podiatry and now with ankle arthroscopy we are effectively treating ankle pain with minimal adverse effects.  Please call and make an appointment with Dr. Cruz today to help get you on the road to pain free walking.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr.