How can you get instantly pretty summer toenails in just one visit to Advanced Podiatry?

Okay ladies, it’s summer time!  We all want to show off those new sandals and toenail polish during the hot summer days.  But are you embarrassed of your toenails?  Are they thick, discolored?  Are you avoiding the beach or pool because you don’t want other people to see your toenails? If you want to instantly get rid of fungal nails and fight fungal infections at the same time, then you need to stop by Advanced Podiatry!  We have a new treatment option that is going to knock your socks off!  It’s called Kery-Flex and it’s an alternative to hard, painful acrylic nails. Kery-Flex is used for people with damaged nails that are not growing properly whether from trauma or fungal infections.  It is a soft pliable chemical bond that adheres to the base of your nail and camouflages your ugly toenail.  It also has an antifungal property as well and can be used with other antifungal treatments such as the pill or laser treatments while you’re waiting for your toenail to grow back without a fungus.  It’s a great way to have beautiful nails while treating your toenail fungus at the same time! Ladies, don’t hide your toenails anymore!  Call Advanced Podiatry today and get the latest technology to not only treat fungal infections but keep your nails looking beautiful at the same time!  Let the doctors at Advanced Podiatry help you show off your beautiful toenails at the beach this summer!  Call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 for a consultation for a Kery-Flex application today!