How To Stop Big Toe Pain When Exercising!

Have you noticed increased pain in your big toe joint after exercising?  If so, you could be suffering from hallux limitus.  Hallux limitus is narrowing of the big toe joint that can prevent the toe from fully flexing at the joint.  It can cause redness, swelling and pain to occur at the big toe joint.  It can oftentimes be confused with gout, which is when uric acid crystals cause similar symptoms within the big toe joint most commonly. Have you noticed the pain only occurring with certain activities such as exercises that require you to push off with the ball of your foot?  Or does pain occur after you have finished exercises?  These are all symptoms of hallux limitus.  With the functional limitation of the big toe joint caused by hallux limitus, it can lead to arthritis in the big toe joint if not treated properly.  Arthritis will cause severe limitation to the big toe joint flexion and cause pain or even “popping” sounds within the joint. To prevent hallux limitus from developing into a more severe form of arthritis, we advise patients to see a podiatrist when early symptoms occur.  If you experience pain that persists for longer than one week and is occurring with specific activities, then you should be evaluated for hallux limitus. At Advanced Podiatry, we use clinical exam and xray to diagnose hallux limitus.  We can treat hallux limitus with conservative or surgical treatment depending on the severity of arthritis in the joint.  Simple, strategic padding, custom orthotics or cortisone injections can significantly reduce the symptoms associated with hallux limitus.  If you have failed conservative, then surgical considerations are discussed; however, surgery is highly specific to your lifestyle and activity level.  Therefore surgical consultation is required to decide what procedure would be best for your specific case. If you are experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort in the big toe joint after exercising, then call Advanced Podiatry at 83-875-0555.  The doctors at Advanced Podiatry have plenty of treatment options to help reduce pain associated with hallux limitus and, more importantly, can keep you enjoying your daily activity!