If I have foot pain and can walk, does it mean I don’t have a fracture?

Not necessarily.  Stress fractures are an injury caused by over-use.  Some forms of over-use include increasing activity level, change in the terrain you normally train on, change in shoes, or barefoot walking/running.  All of the above-mentioned activities, can increase the stress load to the bottom of the foot causing weakening and injury to certain areas of the bone.  Initially, the bone does not fracture but instead becomes weakened in the high pressure area.  The continued pressure on that part of the bone can eventually cause a crack in the bone or a stress fracture.  Stress fractures present with mild swelling, redness and localized pain to one spot on your foot, which means you can still walk on your foot without realizing you even have a fracture!  If you think you may have a stress fracture, don’t wait to seek treatment.  Call Advanced Podiatry today for an appointment with one of our doctors.  With their help, you can get the pain relief you need to continue the activities that you love!