Integrative Podiatry of Tampa: Dr. Marc Katz

Walk on a New Path to Foot & Ankle Wellness!

Dr. Marc Katz provides his patients with personalized progressive medicine combining traditional and holistic approaches.  Integrative and functional medicine provides each patient with an exceptional level of care and excellent outcomes.  In these days of rushed medical care and the “pill for problem” mentality, Dr. Katz has developed answers to your foot ankle and leg pain.  He understands that the public is tired of not getting relief and receiving the same treatments and answers that leave little hope for relief.  With integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Katz looks at your foot ankle and leg problem as it relates to the rest of your body.  He will identify the cause of your problems through novel lab tests and provide personalized treatment plans focusing on diet, emotional well-being, supplements and advanced treatment modalities.  In addition, Dr. Katz will concentrate on your general wellness to optimize your body and prevent foot, ankle and leg problems before they occur.  You deserve a refreshing new approach.
Dr. Katz  is conveniently located in the heart of South Tampa. 

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Marc A Katz DPM
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