Is My Foot Broken or Bruised?

So you’ve hurt your foot and you’ve gotten opinions from all of your friends.  Some say it’s just a bruise, a sprain and others say “it may be broken”.  One friend explains that it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing you can do about foot fractures, just ice it or heat or just back off on the exercise, it’s only a foot after all! 

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you have an issue like this you need to see a podiatrist.  While you may just have a minor sprain, persistent pain, swelling and bruises may indicate a more serious problem such as a foot fracture or dislocation of a joint.

It is a myth that foot fractures are no big deal and  don’t require treatment.  Foot fractures, dislocations and even sprains are serious problems.  Your feet get you where you need to go each day and help you exercise.  They must last a lifetime.  Without proper treatment of foot injuries and fractures, you may end up with daily pain and difficulty doing activities.  So you must have these problems treated.  Some can be severe enough to require surgery and early treatment is essential.

If you have injured your foot call Dr. Katz in Tampa for an evaluation, x-rays and treatment.  Make sure your feet last a lifetime without pain.