It’s Just an Ankle Sprain, or Is It? Ask Celtics Courtney Lee!

Courtney Lee goes down with another injury!  It’s an ankle sprain.  There goes another Boston Celtics player.  Should Lee rehab fast and try to get back in the game quickly?  It seems these days that ankle sprains are no big deal.  These highly payed NBA players just want to get back in the game and their coaches and owners are thrilled because they are all about winning.  Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce thought he would likely be fine.  Lee can get some quick rehab, get taped up and get back onto the court.  Even if he is in less than favorable condition, it still helps the team.  It’s all about sacrifice for the team.

Is there a way to treat an ankle injury without surgery or cortisone?  Keep Reading!

So you can patch up any injury and get back to your activities quickly.  However, there is no way that the body can repair the tendons, ligaments and joints after one of these injuries especially without time off.  Lee stated that he’s had ankle sprains before and that he will be back soon.  He has had them before and plays on a weakened ankle and never lets it heal, so he will likely keep having the injury and may even end up with one so severe that it could end his career.  I guess it’s a gamble worth taking.

So that’s the world of high priced athletes.  But don’t let that be part of your plan.  In the real world an ankle injury should be treated carefully.  Each sprain leads to ankle and lower extremity instability.  The joints become painful, the ligaments loosen and in some cases your doctor may recommend surgery to stop the pain and get the joint and ligaments more stable.

I would like to offer you another treatment options that does not require surgery or cortisone injections.  The treatment is prolotherapy which includes PRP or platelet rich plasma.  In the right hands, this treatment can produce amazing pain relief and stabilization of joints and ligaments of the ankle and foot without surgery or cortisone.  This is known as “Regenerative Medicine” and you owe it to yourself to consider this highly successful treatment.

At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we have been doing prolotherapy for more than 7 years with great outcomes.  We can help rebuild your joints ligaments and tendon with natural treatments that have a proven track record.  Dr. Katz has had extensive training and experience treating many people including athletes with ankle sprains, joint pain and other foot and ankle pain and injuries.

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