It’s Running Season in Tampa!

Dr. Bret with his wife, Amanda

The winter jackets and boots are out in full force which can only mean one thing – it’s running season in Florida. We are already blessed with great weather but this picture perfect temperature has made running a lot more enjoyable and less of a chore. We practice what we preach at Healthy Feet Podiatry. This past weekend, our very own Dr. Bret Brennan and Dr. Todd Brennan respectively completed the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and 10k. What’s even more impressive is that Dr. Bret did the entire race dressed as Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

If you too are motivated by Dr. Bret’s grit and determination to run over 13 miles in a fur suit, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities around the Bay Area to do the same (although we don’t recommend it haha).

There are two types of people in this world: ones whose only goal on Thanksgiving is to stuff their face full of turkey and then there are those who love waking up at the crack of dawn on a holiday to run 3 miles. If you are among the later half, a quick google search shows several races nearby including the Gobble Gobble 5k Spectacular in New Port Richey and the Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 5k in Tampa.

If you need a little more time to train, there’s a big one on New Year’s Eve called the Hooters Clearwater Beach 5k. Can you think of a better venue to host a race other than one of the world’s most beautiful beaches? I can’t either. In addition to a cool medal, all racers get free Hooters wings and beer at the completion of the race. If if you come in last place, you still win!

Before you sign up, make sure you are ready and well equipped for running. Having good shoes and custom orthotics have been proven to not only to improve performance but also to cut down on injury. Most good running shoes have a lifespan of either 6 months or 200 miles before their effectiveness wears down. The custom orthotics made in our office can last you up to 5 years. They are an important tool for any runner who wants an edge on their competition. Orthotics align your foot in a more efficient running position and greatly reduce the pounding that your feet would otherwise take.

If you are a runner, come into our office so our doctors can help you become a better runner and athlete. Our custom orthotics are made in-office and you leave with them on the same day! Call our office today and make an appointment at 813-875-0555. If you are interested in any of these races, be sure to check them out at

Happy Racing,
Dr. Binh Nguyen