Jah Reid’s toe keeps him out of the playoffs…

Think a toe injury is no big deal?  Ask Jah Reid and you would hear otherwise!  The Baltimore Ravens left guard will be on the sidelines during the playoffs and will be ending the season on the injured list because of his injured toe.

Toe injuries such as a toe sprain (turf toe) and toe fractures are fairly common.  Most people do not seek treatment for toe injuries because of the size and location of the injury…it’s just a toe, right?  Well, as a podiatrist, I can tell you that toe injuries left untreated can cause lots of problems after the initial injury heals.  Bone spurs, joint pain and arthritis are only some of the post injury complications that can occur in toe injuries left to heal on their own.

If you develop a toe injury during a game or at practice.  Ice the area, immobilize or splint it with athletic tape, and take an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and swelling.  If you continue to have pain in regular shoes or several days later after the initial treatment, call Advanced Podiatry at (813) 875-0555 for further care.  Don’t ignore your toe injury!  Call us today!