Jared Sullinger Unlucky ‘break’ for Celtics

It appears that Jared Sullinger will not be returning this season due to an injured foot.

February 11th was the day the foot pain began for Jared Sullinger and it became worse throughout the following week. His pain became so bad that he had to stop practice early and seek treatment. It turns out that a stress fracture is to blame for his early dismissal this season.

A stress fracture is a tiny crack in the bone typically caused by repetitive trauma. “Stress fractures are quite common when engaging in sports that have high amounts of running and jumping. The bone behind the second toe is the most common place of the foot to suffer this debilitating injury simply because it is the longest bone of the foot,” states Dr. Cruz a podiatrist from Tampa, Florida. Dr. Cruz also states that, “The amount of force when running is 2-5x greater than a persons own body weight so it is no surprise that foot bone injuries can occur very easily.” Jared Sullinger is now utilizing a healing boot which will help to decrease pressure to the foot and also decrease swelling. If he returns to activity too soon his stress fracture may result in a full blown break of the bone, therefore extending his absence from the court.

Some conditions such as osteoporosis (decreased bone density) can also lead to stress fractures during everyday activities. Patients present to our clinic with foot fractures and have simply stepped off of a curb wrong or tripped while walking their dog. The most common task can lead to a severe foot injury if the bone quality is decreased. In the case of the star power forward for the Boston Celtics, he will have to be patient and let time heal his wounds. Bones heal on average in 6-8 weeks assuming no re-injury occurs during the healing process.

Dr. Cruz of Advanced Podiatry agrees with the treatment of Jared Sullinger’s injury and utilizes the same type of boot at his office. “We have boots of all shapes and sizes that help to heal even the worst fractures without surgery.” states Dr. Cruz. The doctors of Advanced Podiatry can help with any fracture of the foot with both conservative and surgical methods. The doctors will choose a treatment that is specific to your injury and also take into account your busy lifestyle so that you can continue to live your life with minimal disruption. Make your appointment today so that we may help you achieve a pain free foot.