Katie Lou Samuelson Out With Broken Foot

This past Sunday, guard Katie Lou Samuelson injured herself during a basketball game. She broke a bone in her foot and has been placed in a special walking boot, unable to play. This Tuesday is the national championship game which she will be missing unfortunately, due to her injury. Samuelson is a 6 foot 3 freshmen guard for the Huskies. She left the game Sunday during the final four game win over Oregon state, winning 80-51, to be examined by her trainer. When she returned to the game, she was benched with the special boot.

Coach Geno Auriemma reported that they will have to see who will replace Katie in the upcoming game. It’s a big loss to not have Samuelson playing this week. She has started 22 of the 37 games this past year. She is also fourth in line on her team in terms of points per game, with her average being 11:1. She also averages 3.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. She will be missed for the championship game this week.

The Huskies (37-0) this year have won 74 straight games. Their coach, Geno, is one victory away from winning his fourth consecutive national championship game and has a record 11 winnings in his career. For the most all time in college basketball, this puts him past UCLA men’s coach John Wooden which is incredible!

Foot fractures can be debilitating temporarily. If you are an athlete, you will be restricted from your games until the fracture heals. Xrays are the best method to detect fractures, but other modalities such as MRI and CT scan can be used, along with clinical judgment. Depending on how bad the fracture is, determines the treatment plan. Katie Lou’s fracture must not have moved out of place too much, which is why treatment is conservative, in a boot for several weeks, until the fracture has healed. If the fracture has moved out of place too much, sometimes surgical intervention is required to realign and stabilize the fracture with hardware (plates and screws).

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