Kelly Osbourne Broken Foot Before Christmas

Just what you don’t want for Christmas is a foot injury said Kelly Osbourne!  Many people are extra busy and running around shopping and getting things done for the holidays.  As a result, this is a common time for foot injuries.

Kelly Osbourne fractures her foot, chipped a bone and tore a tendon.  She was put into a splint but it didn’t work out so she had to have another put on.

She was seen leaving in a wheelchair and she wrote “What a way to end the year #SoSexy”.  She also wrote, “All I want for Christmas is not to have a broken foot.”

Her foot was badly bruised and painful and this will not be a good way to end the New Year!

These types of foot fractures and tendon tears are seen frequently by podiatrists in their office.  In most cases the injury is treated with a walking cast or traditional cast and crutches.  In more severe cases some people will need surgery if the bone break is out of place or the tendon needs to be repaired.

Foot injuries take about 4-6 weeks to heal and may be followed by physical therapy.  In some cases pain and swelling can linger and this is why it is important to keep your appointments with your doctor.  If healing is not progressing as expected, your doctor will consider getting an MRI to better evaluate the healing process and understand the damaged areas better.

The good news is that most people recover and heal perfectly with early treatment and have no problems down the line.  Your podiatrist may place you in a custom orthotic device following healing to give you better foot support and help put your foot in the best alignment possible.  This can help avoid re-injury to the area.

We wish Kelly Osbourne a speedy recovery and a Merry Christmas!

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