Kelly Ripa Broke Her Foot!

Apparently jumping onto a dumb bell is not the easiest dance move to master.  Kelly Ripa, of Live! with Kelly and Michael, injured her foot during dance rehearsal.  The TV star stated that her graceful moves unfortunately landed her foot on top of a dumb bell and that her foot made a sound similar to “bubble wrap”.  Ripa is now confined to using a fracture boot for at least 6 weeks to recover from the injury.

There can be many ways in which one can injure their feet.  I have seen patients simply step off a curb and break their entire foot. Another patient of mine caught her big toe in the handle of her luggage and fractured it.  The fact that Kelly Ripa did not have to undergo surgery means that she either suffered a severe foot sprain or her fracture was not displaced.  If a fracture is displaced then surgery is necessary in order to properly heal the fracture and preserve function of the foot.  Ankle fractures can lead to arthritis of the surrounding joints if the ankle joint is aligned improperly.  Severe sprains can be just as detrimental as a fracture and sometimes take a very long time to heal. Six to eight weeks is the average amount of time needed to heal bone and soft tissue.  Some injuries require up to twelve weeks of non-weight bearing for complete healing.  Physical therapy will also be needed after healing occurs in order to strengthen the muscles of the foot and leg.  Kelly Ripa will not be able to dance for a little while but if she rests her foot as instructed by her doctor then her recovery should be unremarkable. 

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