Kevin Durant Out For Foot Bone Graft

Graft for Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder is now out for the remainder of the season. It seems that the fracture he suffered early February has not healed sufficiently and is causing persistent soreness. Durant fractured a foot bone that unfortunately is known for delayed healing due to its poor blood supply. When a fracture does not completely heal within a normal period of time it is called a non-union. This non-union, or incomplete healing of his foot bone, is what is causing his pain. The idea now is to clean out that non-healing fracture and replace it with bone graft.   The bone graft is very tricky because it can also easily fail to heal, especially if there is any movement of the surrounding bone. Kevin Durant will have to use crutches or some other walking aid so that he does not place any weight on his foot while the bone graft completely heals. Typically, the bone will heal in 6-8 weeks but this can vary due to the limited blood flow to that area. I am sure that a bone stimulator will also be used in order to help with the healing process. A bone stimulator is a machine that is applied to the foot and emits a current of either ultrasound or electrical impulses that helps to stimulate bone forming cells. With the help of a bone stimulator, Kevin Durant can expect a speedier recovery. Unfortunately, even with the bone stimulator full recovery from this type of surgery is still 4-6 months.

The decision for the graft surgery was made in collaboration by the Thunder, Durant, and all of Kevin Durant’s doctors. Dr. Martin O’Malley will perform the bone graft surgery in New York next week. Durant’s injury was a big blow to Oklahoma’s chances of success and hopefully this surgery will be the definitive fix and will secure successful future.

Todays announcement spurred many supportive comments on social media.

Dwayne Wade posted: “Prayers up for @KDTrey5 & hopes for a speedy recovery..the game just isn’t the same with him out…#NBABrotherhood”.

Chris Paul also posted his well wishes via twitter: “Prayers out to my bro @kdtrey5 on a speedy recovery! Many people like to play this game, but he’s one… “

Let’s all hope and pray the graft surgery is successful so that the reigning league MVP can return to full strength next season.

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr

Twitter:  @DrCruz4Feet