Kevin Durant Foot Injury Not OK

Kevin Durant can’t be an MVP or All Star scoring champ with all of these foot problems.

Kevin Durant has another foot injury setback and Oklahoma City is feeling his pain.   The MVP Durant is known for his persistence even when injured, however, a foot injury can end it all.   Mr. Durant suffered a fracture of the foot known as a Jones fracture. These fractures are known to be difficult and are often associated with prolonged bone healing. His fracture was fixed uneventfully and a screw was used to fix the fracture.

The expectations were clear. Kevin Durant, a world class athlete and driven basketball player would certainly be back quickly and continue his superstar status. But nature doesn’t change for even the mostly highly regarded and highly paid athletes.

This is a great example of what happens in a real day to day podiatry practice said Dr. Marc Katz of Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. Common people come in with fractures and no matter whom they are, they will require 4-6 weeks to heal a fracture. With a Jones fracture, maybe even longer.   We tell our patients that they will need to be in a healing boot and when they require surgery, a screw will be used to hold the fragments firmly for the best healing.

And then there are scenarios like Kevin Durant experienced. The screw started irritating his foot as it pressed against another bone. While he may have been healing the fracture well, the pain from the screw was a complicating problem.   Durant explained that the pain was unbearable and something had to be done.

So he became injured in October and now it’s February and he had to have a second procedure to remove the old screw and a place a new screw in the foot. This is a major setback for Duran and the Thunder.

So when you are out there doing your regular exercise or weekend warrior activities remember to treat your feet well and protect. Many active people should be wearing custom orthotics made by a podiatrist to prevent injuries. If you don’t respect your feet you may end up like the superstar Kevin Durant, OUT!

If you have foot problems, suffer from injuries or just want your feet to be in the best condition, call Advanced Podiatry today.