Laser Toenail Fungus Testimonials

TESTIMONIALS – Laser Toenail Fungus Tampa

“WOW  when I first saw that little red Laser light, I said to myself, is that it?  But now after two treatments I can see the positive results, it is amazing that little red Laser light really really works, it is most effective and more than that it is painless. Dr. Katz has definitely prescribed the apropriate laser treatments to cure the fungus on my toe nails. I strongly recommend Dr. Katz and his painless laser treatments without reservation.” B.T. Tampa

After more than 10 years of trying to find the safest way to get rid of a bad case of toenail fungus on all 10 toes, I believe it is finally gone.  Just two months after one Laser treatment, I have healthy nail growing about 1/3 of the way and the thickened areas of the nail are just about completely gone!  I am wearing sandals some of the time now without polish because the nails are looking so much better.If you have this problem stop wasting your money topical ointments an such, believe me they don’t work and do not use that nasty internal medication that can damage your liver. Thank you Dr. Katz for finding a noninvasive treatment for a frustrating problem so many people have.   A.L. Wisconsin

I was truly embarassed to walk in sandals….the laser treatment was my last resort.  It has been 4 weeks and the results are already very noticeable.  Thank you Dr. Katz.  A.K. Riverview FL

“After doing extensive research on toenail fungus laser treatments, I realized that the safest option was the Cooltouch Cool Breeze CT3 Plus Zoom laser. I live in Atlanta, GA, and I traveled all the way to Tampa just to receive this treatment from Dr. Katz.  I was extremely impressed with the hospitality and professionalism of Dr. Katz and all of his staff members.  I would highly recommend Dr. Katz and the Cooltouch laser for anyone who needs treatment for onychomycosis.”  T.F.  Georgia