Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments in Tampa – The Difference is Clear

You have many options for treatment of toenail fungus in the Tampa Bay area.  Dr. Marc Katz is the most experienced laser podiatrist in the area.  He has done in excess of 1000 procedures.  In addition, he has developed a superior technique and treatment to give you the best results.

Some offices are informing patients that they only need one treatment.  Dr. Katz notes that this is not ideal and is done as a cost cutting measure.  Based on extensive experience, 3 treatments are necessary for best results.

Dr. Katz uses one of the most effective lasers on the market.  He notes that there are many types of lasers including the Q-switched lasers.  These offer no advantages for success and their notion that one treatment is all that is needed, is flawed.  We’ve had patients treated with the Q-switched and Pinpointe laser among others and they have had poor results.  Dr. Katz suggests that you do your homework and do it right the first time.

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