Lebron James Rolls his Ankle on a Foot!

There was a big scare for the Cleveland Cavaliers when Lebron James stepped on the foot of a cameraman and rolled his ankle. Luckily for everyone, Lebron walked it off and was able to return to the game after sitting out for a few minutes.  This would have been a huge blow to the Cavaliers who are just starting the Eastern Conference finals.

Lebron James still scored 22 points and had 6 rebounds and 6 assists. 

Lebron James had a previous injury that was similar when he rolled his ankle after stepping on Derrick Rose’s foot just a few weeks ago.

Stepping on someone else’s foot is a common cause for many ankle injuries.  These are especially common while playing sports. While most of us don’t have the value of Lebron James, these ankle roll injuries can often be devastating.  Ankle sprains can take weeks to months to heal and if you fracture the ankle surgery may be necessary.

Ankle injuries can result in lost time at work, difficulty walking and exercising.  Some of these ankle injuries can lead to scarring and weakening of the ankle joint ligaments and early onset of arthritis in the joint.  Once you’ve sprained your ankle you have a high chance of it happening again.

If you have sprained your ankle, hopefully you will be lucky like Lebron James and you will be able to walk it off.  If not make sure to use the famous rest, ice, compression and elevation home remedy.  If you don’t get better quickly, call your podiatrist and seek treatments quickly to avoid long-term damage and loss of your ability to do daily activities. Your podiatrist will examine your foot and ankle and take x-rays to see if you have a fracture.  A treatment will then be started.  With these types of injuries, regenerative medicine is playing a bigger roll in getting people back to their activities quicker.  Many athletes have platelet rich plasma injections and return back to their activities immediately.

If you have suffered an ankle injury call the doctors at Advanced Podiatry.