LisFranc foot injury ends Raiders wide receiver season too soon!

Jacoby Ford Ending the Football Season Early Due to Foot Injury

Even though football season has just started for some, it is ending too soon for others like Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford.  During the preseason games, Ford sustained a LisFranc injury to his left foot and just recently underwent surgery for repair of the LisFranc joint which means he is out the rest of the year on the injured reserve list. 

The LisFranc joint is the major joint in the mid-foot.  An injury to this area of the foot can be caused indirectly by an excessive amount of force planting the foot into the ground while simultaneously rotating it in another direction.  LisFranc injuries can be anything from an actual fracture of the LisFranc joint to total dislocation.  These debilitating injuries need to be repaired quickly and prompt surgery is almost always the best method of repair. 

Unfortunately, LisFranc injuries are often misdiagnosed as a foot sprain and can cause severe post traumatic arthritis in the midfoot later in life if not treated properly.  Reconstructive procedures such as fusion of the LisFranc joint are often considered later on if pain persists from arthritis.

No matter the injury, big or small in your foot, it can have a major effect on your ability to play sports or even perform daily routines.  Don’t wait to have it evaluated!  Call Advanced Podiatry for a consultation so you can receive the proper care for your foot injuries and get back in the game!