Lou Brock Loses His Leg to Diabetes

 We all remember the great base stealing Lou Brock.  The ultimate athlete in his day.  So who would have thought that such a great athlete could lose his leg? Brock watched his diet very closely and was a spokesperson for a diabetes drug company. And even with a good diet, he still had complications.

It’s hard to believe.  But Lou Brock developed diabetes about 15 years ago.  The epidemic of diabetes is projected to affect around 10% of the population.  This is a disturbing trend that can end in amputation even in someone that was a pro baseball player.  So even if you are or were fit, you could still get diabetes.

Diabetes causes foot problems such as sores and ulcers since many people with diabetes develop loss of sensation and poor circulation. In some cases they may develop an infection and this can lead to amputation as was the case with Lou Brock.

Diabetes can be hereditary but many newly diagnosed cases these days are the result of poor eating habits, lack of exercise and being overweight.  Diabetes is now affecting children and young adults like never before.  Without proper control, people lose their limbs and often lose their life.  Diabetes is serious business.

It can happen to anyone.  As podiatrists, we urge you to become educated and inspect your feet daily.  See your primary care doctor and keep your sugars controlled.  See your podiatrist on a regular basis as the foot is often the first place to cause complications similar to what happened to Lou Brock.  Diabetes can also cause problems with your kidneys and eyes so make sure you visit the proper doctors for regular exams.

The good news for Lou Brock is that he will be fitted with a prosthetic leg and will go through therapy to help him walk and be functional again.

Please take the story of Lou Brock seriously and take the necessary steps to help prevent diabetes. If you have diabetes always follow your doctors advice to avoid complications.

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