Marathon Training – Doing it right!

Having finished my first and probably only marathon last January I feel it is important to talk about proper marathon training. My Disney Marathon experience did fall short of expectations because of my own doing. I did not train properly at all. I finished my long runs every weekend and did not have any physical activity during the week. My base for running was very narrow and for a marathon it has to be well established.

For a first time marathon runner eighteen weeks is a typical time frame for training and base building but six months is even better. What happens is that people tend to get really excited about running a marathon and then push themselves hard to get to that level in a short period of time. The problem with rushing this process is that you now become more prone to injury and early fatigue. Finding your groove and pace should be the primary focus during this time so that you can be comfortable throughout the entire race. A simple suggestion is that if you cannot hold a conversation during your runs then you are running too fast.

There are many programs out there that help you achieve your running goals. I personally like the Jeff Galloway method. Essentially its a run/walk method that can help to prevent injury to the individual since it is a well controlled run. Short strides, with minimal joint exertion is the key to this method. The shorter the stride the less stress occurs to the lower extremity. This does not mean you cannot achieve fast speeds. The pace can be determined by what your comfort level is. This program is twenty nine weeks long for marathon runner.

When pain does occur during this time it is crucial to see your podiatrist immediately. The doctors of Advanced Podiatry are well versed in running and sports injuries and are eager to help. The fix for your problems may be as simple as attaining a pair of custom orthotics. The custom orthotics we produce are of high quality and durable thermoplastic polymer that is also antibacterial. Call (813) 875-0555 today to make an appointment with one of our wonderful doctors.