Michael Frazier off the Court!

High Ankle Sprain will keep Michael Frazier Away from the Court.

Tampa’s own Michael Frazier will most likely be missing his 7th consecutive game with the Florida Gators due to an ankle injury. During his last game against Kentucky, Frazier suffered a high ankle sprain and has yet to have relief. He is currently not participating in practice due to the severity of his injury. By definition a high ankle sprain is simply a sprain of the ligaments that connects the two lower leg bones. When one twists and turns their ankle this causes a lot of force to the ligaments of the leg and can cause a sprain quite easily. Sometimes the twisting of the ligaments is so bad that the leg bone can fracture at the ankle or even closer to the knee.  Coach Billy Donovan states that Frazier is having significant pain when he is stopping and cutting. This makes total sense since these movements cause strain on the ligaments of the leg and ankle.

The way to remedy this problem is to simply immobilize the foot and ankle. “I typically will place my patients into a tall healing boot so that I can prevent strain to the foot, ankle, and leg,” states Dr. Cruz of Advanced Podiatry. With any type of ankle sprain it is crucial to allow the body to heal itself as quickly as possible. If one continues to strain the ligaments then healing can be delayed for several months.

Michael Frazier, who is a Florida Gators junior from Tampa, averages 13.2 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. The team has now gone 2-4 without their star guard. At Advanced Podiatry we can speed up the healing process and improve outcomes using non-invasive techniques and natural medicine therapies. Platelet rich plasma, or PRP injections, can be used to heal high ankle sprains by increasing the body’s potential to heal. PRP is harvested from the patients own blood and can help to boost the healing process of the body naturally without any surgery. Some studies show that PRP injections can help return elite athletes back to the game with minimal recovery times.

The doctors of Advanced Podiatry utilize platelet rich plasma for all types of injuries and achieve excellent results for their patients. The ease of the procedure makes it an excellent option when attempting to get athletes back into play. Please make your appointment today to talk to Dr. Katz and Dr. Cruz about PRP therapy and how it can get you back to your sport quickly.