Morton’s Neuroma: Tampa Podiatrist Marc Katz Discusses Treatments

Foot neuroma and neuritis pain can be debilitating. Patients often see many doctors and don’t get relief. In some cases they may even get worse with treatments. Until recently, the treatment choices had not changed leaving patients with few options when conservative and even surgical care failed. Dr. Marc Katz notes that some doctors claim that they are using unique injections; however, the reality is that these injections have been used for years with modifications. They may include substances such as cortisone, alcohol, anesthetic or B-12, all common medications used in the typical podiatry practice. In addition, surgical removal of nerves can often result to the painful stump neuroma and a lengthy healing course after surgery.

Katz, who practices in Tampa FL, notes that we have entered the new era of foot pain relief. The medical trends for treatment are moving more towards minimally-invasive techniques that provide long-term relief, quick return to activity, and fast recovery with a less risky procedure. Introducing the cryosurgery procedure, the latest advanced modality for foot neuroma and neuritis relief. Cryosurgery is a minimally-invasive office technique that allows rapid return to work and high success rates in relieving nerve pain. Long-term relief is achieved by freezing the nerve to around -70 degrees Fahrenheit. The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic, avoiding more risky types of anesthesia. Relief is usually obtained in one treatment; although, in some cases, a second treatment is required to get optimal relief.

Dr. Katz is known nationally for developing advanced techniques using color power ultrasound guidance to get the best results from the cryosurgery procedure. He has coined the term “CryoMax” for his high-tech, ultrasound-guided technique. This differs significantly from the standard cryosurgery techniques that either do not use ultrasound or use black and white ultrasound which is ineffective in locating the nerve and blood vessel bundle required for accurate treatment. Dr. Katz has abandoned these less effective techniques due to lower success rates and less relief. With his new approach, Dr. Katz’s success-rates have significantly improved. There are many successful patient cases that demonstrate how cryosurgery has led to life-changing pain relief.

Cryosurgery is typically used when conservative treatments have failed but some patients opt to use the procedure as a treatment early in the process. They just want relief as soon as possible because their lifestyle suffers from the pain. In addition, many people want to avoid cortisone or alcohol injections. Dr. Katz notes that more major cutting procedures of the nerve often lead to prolonged problems. Patients often do not get relief and may even get worse or have complications. When it comes to neuroma pain, the feared stump neuroma may be the result of the typical surgery to remove the nerve. There is also a realtively high failure rate and repeat rate with the nerve removal. If cryosurgery has to be repeated, it is much less of an ordeal for the patient. They simply come into the office and have the procedure with a local anesthetic. They leave walking with a light bandage.

Cryosurgery avoids many of the common problems associated with treatment neuroma and neuritis pain. While the procedure does not give relief all of the time, it is certainly far superior to the current options that are typically used by other physicians, adds Katz. Pain relief has been exceptional with CryoMax and the procedure can be repeated if required. Most patients state that they would gladly repeat the procedure if necessary. Author Resource:- Dr Marc Katz is a Board-certified Tampa Podiatrist that provides innovative cutting edge techniques for foot pain relief.
He prides himself on compassion and concern for all patients. Dr. Katz specializes in foot infections, cryosurgery, wounds and minor in-office procedures. Dr. Katz treats all foot, ankle and leg conditions. For more information