My Feet Stink!

Do you dread taking your shoes off at a friend’s house for fear of your stinky feet? Do you feel like everyone in your household treats your shoes like a biohazard? If so, then you may be suffering from a bacterial foot infection. Our feet do a lot of work throughout the day and therefore produce heat and moisture. Excessive moisture can lead to very nice home for bacteria to grow and multiply. The bacteria give off the smell and are the reason for your stinky feet. Here are a few tips to avoid smelly feet.

  1. Clean your feet regularly with soap and water. A lot of the time we think that simply having your feet wet in the shower is a sufficient way to wash your feet. This is wrong. You have to wash the entire foot with soap and water in order to clean them appropriately. Don’t forget between the toes!
  2. Cleaning your shoes is an excellent way to prevent residual smells. If you have a removable insole then feel free to clean it with soap and water. Reducing the bacterial load in your shoe will help prevent your feet from smelling. Another easy way is to use a device like the Steri-Shoe. The Steri-Shoe is essentially an ultraviolet light for the insides of your shoes. UV light can kill bacteria thus reducing the foul shoe smell. We have the Steri-shoe on hand at the office so please call and reserve yours today!
  3. Changing your socks regularly or frequently can help wick away moisture from the feet to help with reducing the ideal bacterial environment. Reducing the moisture in your shoe will definitely help decrease the reproduction of the bacteria.
  4. Using foot powder is a nice way to absorb smells and also absorb moisture. Again, the ideal bacterial environment is a warm, dark, and moist environment. (Eg your shoes) If we can create an environment where bacteria do not thrive then we will be able to prevent your feet from stinking up the place.

Aside from soap and water you can also soak your feet in a vinegar bath. Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and soak the feet for 20-30 minutes a day. In less than 2 weeks, any bacteria or fungus to the skin of the feet will be minimal. This alternative method is very effective but sometimes we may need something stronger. Especially if you are diagnosed with Athlete’s foot. A fungal infection can be very stubborn so seeing the foot experts at Advanced Podiatry can help you get rid of your stinky foot problem. We have several doctor recommended products on hand to help prevent the foot infection.

If you or a love one suffers from smelly feet please do not hesitate to make an appointment today. Call (813) 975-0555 to book your appointment today!