New Year, New You! Keep your feet injury-free with the start of your new work out!

It’s that time of year again!  When we decide our New Year’s Resolution and begin the new workout routines or healthy living changes that need to be incorporated into our sluggish daily routine.  Toss out the old and welcome the New Year with the mindset that you can cut back on excess junk food and start working out during the week! 

Just don’t forget about your feet!  Oftentimes, people will start full force in a new work out routine that their bodies are not used to performing and that will cause them to be more prone to injury.  Here’s a short list of possible foot and ankle pain that could occur with the start of your new work-out and most importantly, how to avoid them!

  • Heel pain such as plantar fasciitis commonly occurs when a person has been inactive and suddenly starts performing high impact exercise such as running.  Remember to perform stretches such as a runner’s stretch before and after workouts and wear good, supportive tennis shoes to prevent heel pain after your work outs!
  • Stress fractures in the foot are also a common injury caused by repetitive movement in aerobics, running and sports.  You can avoid stress fractures by performing a variety of exercises (cross-training) during the week to break-up the repetitiveness of some excercise routines.
  • Toenail injuries are also common in new workouts.  You may notice discoloration to the nail or it may become more loose and spontaneously fall off!  This is commonly called “runner’s toe.”  It can be caused by shoes that are too tight or from constant repetition of movement such as with running.  Make sure your shoes fit well and the toes are not hitting against the end of the shoe.  Mesh-top tennis shoes allow for expansion in your shoes during work-outs to avoid this type of injury as well.
  • Ankle sprains can occur with rapid movements such as aerobics or with uneven terrain such as hiking.  If you have a tendency to roll your ankles easily, wear an ankle brace with these types of work-outs.  Ankle sprains damage the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint making you more prone to more ankle sprains.  So make sure you protect your ankles with either a brace or high top supportive shoes.

These are just some of the foot and ankle injuries that could occur with the start of a new work-out for the New Year.  If you are experiencing any of these problems or any foot and ankle pain during or after your workout, call Advanced Podiatry at (813)875-0555 for an evaluation by our doctors.  We want you to succeed with your New Year’s Resolution and will keep your feet healthy and happy as you acheive your goal!