One Foot Two Foot Red Foot Blue Foot – The Feet of Galapagos

I wanted to share an amazing trip that I went on recently.  Of course, I must relate it back to feet.  I’m always amazed at the creativity of nature and after this trip, I’ve often wondered if Dr. Seuss got some of his inspiration from the Galapagos Islands.  The animals are mystical, whimsical and they live in an exotic location.

One foot?  Well I didn’t see any single footed animals but the popular flamingo  does just fine with balancing on one foot.
However, there were many 2 footed animals and birds but some were more interesting than others.  Take the prehistoric looking Galapagos Marine Iguanas.

This amazing pre-historic looking creature is the only iguana in the world that has adapted to swimming.  Notice the amazing colors.  It’s distant relative is a very cool yellow-gold land iguana known as the Cerro Dragon as seen on Dragon Hill.

So how about red feet?  Well in the medical community red feet may be a sign of poor circulation and is often referred to as rubor.  In Galapagos the amazing Red-Footed Booby

has big healthy red webbed feet.  As they mature their feet become redder.  They have prehensile feet which allows them to hang on to small branches with great balance.  Some smaller red feet belong to the swallow-tailed gull.

And what about blue feet?  Well the Blue-Footed Booby has healthy blue feet.  Of course if someone comes into our office with blue feet, we are concerned about cyanosis which may indicate poor circulation as well.  In some cases cyanosis can be associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

But these spectacular blue footed birds have very healthy feet. These birds are amazing divers and Olympic divers often watch their techniques for making a perfect entrance into the water with minimal splash.

 What an amazing display of feet in a land far away.  Now back to reality. If you have exotic looking feet with different colors, it could be a sign of circulation problems, so call us at Advanced Podiatry and we will take a look and share some more great photos.