Orthotics Are Important for Foot and Ankle Pain

Is foot pain normal? Are the Dr. Scholl inserts good enough? Are Happy Feet Orthotics custom?

The answer to all three questions is a resounding NO!  Foot pain is not normal and you should seek a podiatrist to help solve your problem. The Dr. Scholl inserts may help temporarily.  The material they use is weak and therefore will not last for more than a couple weeks. The Happy Feet orthotics are not custom at all. They are also made of weak materials which will deform over time.  And the of course, these devices are not being made by the most qualified person to make your orthotic, a podiatrist.

orthoticsIf you are looking for a solution to your foot pain the first step is finding a great podiatrist.  The mainstay of podiatry training has always been the mechanics and movement of the foot, ankle and leg.  This knowledge is used to fabricate premium custom orthotics, arch supports and inserts. It takes a doctors eye when analyzing foot and ankle movements and structure.  This is where your podiatrist can offer you superior treatment when compared to other doctors.  Your podiatrist’s knowledge and training is far superior to a store clerk or machines that analyze your feet.

Creating custom orthotics is a skill and science that we have perfected.  This allows you to have best outcomes for relief of your foot and ankle pain.  At Advanced Podiatry we understand the need to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.  We accomplish this goal with custom orthotics made the same day. We use anti-microbial plastic material and customize it to the bottom of your feet.  Our material is much thinner than other orthotics making them much more versatile.  We maintain the proper positioning of the your foot while molding the orthotic so that we can capture the correct shape of the foot. Once this is completed we make any modifications to ensure the best quality product.  The break in period for orthotics is typically less than 10 days.  You may wear your orthotics for a couple of hours a day and gradually increase your wear time. Once you have adjusted to wearing the device you can easily take the orthotic and place them in any shoe that you regularly wear. The only requirement for shoes is that it allows the orthotic to sit completely down inside the shoe.  Shoe that slip in the back may not be a good option. However, we may be able to adjust the orthotic for a better fit.  I have seen patients glue their orthotics to their favorite sandals with strips of velcro and they function just as well. This method is not recommended but it is an option.

The orthotic should have a stable foundation which is why you need good shoes.  Orthotics are used often to treat common foot and ankle pain.  The doctors at Advanced Podiatry use orthotics to help prevent many common conditions from occurring in the future. From hammertoes and chronic ingrown nails to heel pain and Achilles tendonitis, the orthotics maintain the foot in a proper position so that it prevents excess strain on the joints and surrounding soft tissue structures of the foot and ankle.   With this constant support we can prevent pain in the foot from occurring for years to come.

Orthotics at Advanced Podiatry allow you to achieve personal activity goals with minimal effort.  In time your foot becomes adjusted to the corrected position and typically you never leave home without them. Please call and make an appointment today to fix your foot pain with premium Advanced Podiatry custom orthotics.

Best regards,

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr.