Ozone Therapy – Renew, Regenerate, and Regrow – Foot and Ankle

The human body is an amazing machine which can heal damaged tissue and regenerate structures that are crucial to its overall function.  Since the body is able to perform these amazing tasks why not promote self healing and regeneration when treating ailments of the foot and ankle.  At Advanced Podiatry we continue to educate ourselves about regenerative healing techniques and utilize them on a daily basis.

Ozone therapy is one regenerative technique that is proving to be very beneficial for several types of foot and ankle problems.
Ozone therapy is where medical grade ozone, which is a pure form of oxygen, is used to create a self healing response in the body.  The body is able to constantly repair itself 24-7 and ozone acts as a promoter of this natural curative response.  The way that ozone accomplishes this task is by stimulating oxygen metabolism.  The ozone hyper-oxygenates the area in which it has been administered and results in revving up the body’s own healing processes.  At the same time the ozone can get rid of many germs by disrupting the structural integrity of several types of bacteria and viruses.

These two benefits of ozone alone allow for many options in the treatment of common foot ailments.  Two examples I would like to share are in regards to two different patients with differing problems.  The first patient is a very active 70 year old male who has had chronic pain of his ankles and has been trying to avoid surgery for several years.  His pain increases  throughout the day and by the end he is unable to walk and requires the assistance of a walker.  He loves to travel and before one of his overseas trips he came into the office requesting anything to help get him through the pain of walking.  I offered several ideas to him including cortisone injections, regenerative therapies, and finally surgical interventions.  His ears perked up with the idea of the regenerative therapy and I then explained how it worked to fix his problem.  I explained to him that his arthritis is a problem and that his cartilage in his ankle is probably not very good.  I also explained that the ozone therapy could help to repair the area by stimulating the body to create fibrous cartilage in the joint therefore alleviating his pain.  After one simple injection to his ankle the patient flew to Argentina with minimal pain and was able to come back two months later for a follow up injection in order to help maintain the regenerative healing.  He now comes in as needed for ozone therapy and he is able to live his life as he chooses without the constant problem of ankle pain.

My second example is of a patient with chronic tendonitis to his arch.  The patient is a young athletic male who enjoys being able to play soccer and ultimate frisbee but as of late he is unable to participate in these activities.  He stated that during an ultimate frisbee competition he landed funny on his foot and felt like something popped in his arch.  The patient subsequently came in for treatment of this acute problem.  As usual I try to deliver as many options to the patient as possible so that we as a team can come up with a proper treatment plan.  Regenerative ozone therapy was discussed and the patient decided to try it out.  I also told him that cortisone injections to the tendon itself is risky and that I would not recommend that for him.  He agreed and ozone was then administered in two place on the patient.  An injection was given at the insertion of the tendon and also the belly of the muscle above the ankle.  the patient expressed immediate relief after the treatment and has since returned to full activity 4 weeks later.

These two patient examples shows the diversity of ozone therapy and how they are used in conjunction with common foot and ankle problems.  There are several other success stories of ozone therapy but they all end the same.  The patients attain relief by stimulating their own body to regenerate and repair damaged tissue.  Not all results are the same but there is a consistent improvement in overall pain from the pathologies that we treat with ozone therapy.  Please make an appointment today to help your body heal its own problems without surgery and painful recoveries.  At Advanced Podiatry we continue to be at the cutting edge of medicine and will continue to do so in the future.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr.