Pain in the Ball of the Foot during Exercise or Sports? Keep Reading to Find Out Why from this Tampa Podiatrist!

Are you experiencing pain in the ball of your foot with certain activities such as running, cycling or jumping?  These activities specifically place more pressure and stress on the ball of the foot causing the joints and the soft tissue in the forefoot to perform harder work than usual.  This increased stress to the tissue can cause inflammation of the soft tissue around the joints which is called “capsulitis.”  Most of the time, this inflammation will resolve after you allow the area to rest or icing the area after exercise.

However, sometimes the inflammation in the soft tissue may not fully resolve, and you will experience pain with daily walking or in regular shoes.  At this point, you need to see a podiatrist for more advanced options for treating capsulitis.  Treatment options such as anti-inflammatories and steroid injections help with immediate pain relief from capsulitis; however, it is important to determine why your foot has dev eloped pain in the first place.  Flat feet, high arches, contracted toes or bunions can all cause abnormal pressure on the ball of the foot causing capsulitis.  These problems must be identified and addressed during your exam in the office so the capsulitis can be treated in the proper manner.
One of the most important treatment options we offer for our athletic patients are orthotics.  Orthotics are customized inserts for your shoes that redistribute pressure more evenly on the bottom of your foot.  With the use of orthotics, most people experience significant relief from pain in the ball of the foot.  Daily use in regular shoes and athletic shoes helps align the foot in a good position, prevents abnormal pressure to areas such as the heel and the ball of the foot, and most importantly relieves pain so you can perform your activities to your highest standards.
If you are experiencing pain in the ball of your foot from running or any sports-related activity, call Advanced Podiatry today for anappointment.  Our doctors understand the importance of getting you back to your activities quickly; let us help you get pain relief today!