Pediatric Foot Problems: How We Can Help!


Pediatric Arch Pain
Flat feet is the most common cause.

are often seen in children and can cause arch pain. The posterior tibial (PT) tendon mainly inserts at the navicular bone of the foot. This muscle is responsible for inversion and supination of the foot. When the arch of the foot collapses the PT tendon pulls harder to compensate. This compensation can lead to chronic/acute pain secondary to the strain of the PT tendon. We simply fix the problem by fabricating custom orthotics to prevent collapse of the foot. This is a painless option where patient satisfaction is very high. The custom orthotic is a simple way to prevent/ cure arch pain and it is also very cost effective.

Posterior Heel Pain
Achille’s tendonitis or Sever’s Disease?

Posterior heel pain is most often seen in pediatrics when strain occurs at the level of the Achille’s tendon. The Achille’s tendon is the most powerful tendon in the body. When repetitive motions occur and cause symptoms it can be very debilitating. The patient will often show sings of antalgic gait and will not want to participate in physical activity. We at Advanced Podiatry approach this problem very systematically. First we assess the level of pain and based on the severity we limit activities and sometimes even immobilize the patient. Next we find the root cause of the problem. Is it flat feet? Achille’s tedonitis? Sever’s? Once we find the cause we focus our treatment and utilize a variety of modalities such as orthotics, physical therapy, RICE, Super pulse laser, bracing, and medications.