Peyton Manning Now Understands the Agony of Heel Pain

For weeks, Peyton Manning had heel pain and plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the large band on the bottom of the foot.  He continued to play through the pain and ultimately tore his plantar fascia.  Many believed that he would be fine because this was only some passing heel pain. But, today he will not be playing for the Broncos against the Patriots and this could be a big problem for Denver.

Peyton Manning will likely be out for 2 more weeks.

He will be put into a cast to allow for the fastest healing of the fascia band.
Heel pain is one of the most common conditions that we see as podiatrists.  It often starts off with mild occasional pain and leads to more significant pain after sleep and sitting.  These symptoms mean that the fascia band is becoming more swollen and the nerves are becoming irritated.  This pain is not the result of a heel spur which is just a finding on X-ray that is harmless in most cases.
So many people take heel pain for granted. They just assume that it will go away on its own. This does happen in some cases with minor heel problems. In other cases, people will get advice from a friend or go on the internet and find some home treatments. This will also give many people relief.  The biggest problem occurs when people delay seeing their podiatrist and seeking heel pain treatment after the problem has been around for weeks or months.  Waiting makes heel pain harder to treat and usually requires weeks to months of treatment.  People often get frustrated that the treatment is taking too long but this is what happens when you don’t seek treatment early.
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