Picking the Right Shoe

Hello, my name is Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. and I’m here to talk to you today about picking the right shoe in general for everyday life and work.

So, this can be a daunting task for anybody, especially for women. Unfortunately, shoes do not come tailored to your foot, so therefore the shoes companies try to generalize the population and see what the average foot type is and then apply it to the general population.

Unfortunately, all our feet are unique in shape, size, width, length, everything you can imagine to the lumpy bumpies on our foot to our curling toes, to our toes that point in different directions, a bunion deformity. All of these play a factor in picking the right shoe.

And unfortunately, the task is not very easy. In fact, I usually tell my patients to spend four to eight hours picking out a shoe because if you rush into it, you’re going to be quite unhappy with your purchase.

I know from personal experience, me being very resistant to shopping in general, I’ll go into a shoe store, say I’m a size 11 and then leave without even trying it on. This is probably not the best way to do it because you may end up disappointed as I was with the recent Brooks that I have bought.

I recently ran a marathon in this past January and I purchased these Brooks running shoes and there 1,200 reviews on Amazon saying positive, 5-star reviews and I thought what could go wrong?

Nonetheless, for my foot type, it did not benefit me. I still had to utilize my custom orthotics within the shoe in order to have my feet be pain-free during my runs.

So, case in point, try on the shoe, if it’s not comfortable the minute you put it on, then that means it’s not the right shoe.

Also, it’s advisable to try on the shoe at a late hour in the day so that your feet are swollen, so around 5PM, 6PM, whenever you get off work after you’ve been on your feet for a while. This will determine how big your feet usually get at the end of the day and therefore you won’t be surprised when you have a tight shoe due to swelling. We don’t want that surprise to happen because it’s not very comfortable.

So, my suggestion to you is take your time, choose a shoe that’s comfortable the minute that you put it on and also try it on at the end of the day so that you have a true fit of your fully swollen, fully used foot.

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