Plantar Wart Treatment Options

There’s been an increase in kids who have come into our office with plantar warts. The first concern for both the parents and the kids is always whether or not the getting rid of it is going to hurt.

Here at Advanced Podiatry, we offer many various treatments – each with their own unique benefits. We like to present our patients with all the choices and let them choose what is best for them. The most popular option that we use to remove warts is cantheradone or which is also what we affectionately call “Beetle Juice.” This is because cantheradone is actually made from excretions of an actual beetle!

The in-office procedure and application of the medicine involves minimal pain. There can be mild discomfort when the top layer of the wart is scraped off. This allows for maximum penetration of the medication into the skin. A dressing is placed on top of the wart for several days allowing the wart to blister and peel away from the healthy skin! A follow visit is needed to scrape off any residual wart and determine if a second application is needed.

According to some studies, the treatment is successful after one application 30% of the time. In some cases it requires a second application which has a 70% efficacy rate overall. In our experience, we have had great results getting rid of warts with “Beetle Juice.” It is a great alternative for the pediatric population and adults who are too squeamish to get numbed up with a needle.

We also have access to many creams, topicals, and patches that can prescribed that can get rid of warts. These can be very effective as well however due to the stubborn nature of warts, topical treatments can take time before seeing results.

If you are concerned you have a plantar wart and not quite ready to get numbed up and have it cut out, call us to make an appointment to see which pain-free option is right for you.

Call (813) 875-0555 or say “Beetle Juice” three times to see one of our foot experts today!