Podiatrist Sees Foot Pain in Tampa! Is It Normal?

People in Tampa are walking around all day with foot and ankle pain.  People in Tampa are working out and playing sports with foot and ankle pain.  Well it’s not normal to have foot and ankle pain.

So what are the excuses for not seeing your podiatrist?  Well many say that, it will work itself out and get better over time.   They may say that it’s normal because they are getting older.  Or, it’s just an old injury and I need to live with it. Well, I’m here to tell you that pain is the body’s response to an abnormal process that needs to be treated.  It is not normal.  The quicker you get treatment,  the easier it will be to heal.  If you wait too long, all of your excuses may turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy!  You may actually have long-term pain that develops due to lack of treatment. So what are some of the common symptoms? Click each of these for more information.

All of these problems and many others require treatment from a podiatrist. If you suffer from any of these problems or other foot and ankle pain, call Dr. Katz at Advanced Podiatry for an immediate appointment. Help your feet last a lifetime.