Prolotherapy is Superior to Surgery: Tampa Podiatrist Tells Why!

At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we want you to have the best treatment possible while being able to return to your activities quickly.  Prolotherapy is a way to make this happen.

So, what is the advantage of prolotherapy versus surgery?

In our practice we believe in offering you treatment options beyond the ordinary.  Prolotherapy has really fit the ticket and is time tested.  With prolotherapy, we can build new ligaments and tendons and strengthen weak joints.  This is done with a series of natural injections that stimulate the body to build more collagen to repair the damaged areas.  This leads to pain relief.

With surgery, your body is undergoing cutting of tissue.  In foot surgery, ligaments, tendons and joint structures are often cut and in some cases these structures may be removed.  When these structures repair they are weakened   which leads to instability of the foot and ankle.  So these treatments are polar opposites, prolotherapy stabilizes, surgery destabilizes.

And that is just the start.  There are many other stark differences.  So you can have prolotherapy in the office with minimal chance of side effects or you can have surgery in the hospital that carries many risks from the procedure and anesthesia.  In addition, with surgery you are likely to have a long recovery period which is not the case with prolotherapy.  Prolotherapy treatments do not require long recovery periods.  As a matter of fact activities are recommended in many cases.  Athletes are often able to keep training depending on the condition treated.

The choice is clear.  Prolotherapy is how you can become free of foot and ankle pain naturally and without riskier surgery requiring down-time.  Conditions treated include heel pain, ball of foot pain, achilles injury, ankle sprains, joint pain and many other foot and ankle problems.

Over many years, Dr. Marc Katz of Advanced Podiatry has developed foot and ankle specific protocols using prolotherapy.

Get the relief you deserve.  Call Dr. Katz  in Tampa at 813-875-0555 to see if you can benefit from cryosurgery.  Check us out on the web!