Arthritis Pain? Get Fast Relief!

Relieve Arthritis and Foot Pain

Advanced Podiatry is happy to announce a new service in the office offering the newest technology and latest advancement in regenerative medicine called Prolozone! Although Prolozone has been around for more than a decade, recent advancement in its use has shown amazing results for multiple conditions involving the foot, ankle and knee including arthritis.

What can Ozone be used for? Plantar fasciitis, arthritis of the foot, ankle or knee, and Achilles pain are just a few conditions that can be resolved with Prolozone. Whether used as a first-line treatment or your last resort before surgery, Prolozone has the ability to alleviate your pain!

Prolozone uses ozone to increase oxygen to cells of tissue in need of repair.  Joints already have low levels of oxygen.  After they are damaged and develop arthritis the oxygen levels needed for healing is no longer adequate. This introduction of ozone to the damaged tissue causes “hyperoxygenation.” This simply means the tissue is bombarded with oxygen, which ignites the healing cascade to repair damaged tissue. Ozone is a natural, safe substance that is introduced to these areas by means of a simple injection. A topical anesthetic is used to ensure the physical discomfort is minimal for the patient. Depending on the severity of the condition, Prolozone can provide almost instant relief!

You can expect ozone therapy to be comfortable.  We are able to offer you this treatment in the comfort of the office.  The amount of treatments required will vary with the severity of your arthritis or injury.  It will also be decided based on your response to each treatment.  Ozone therapy is often so successful that you can avoid surgery.

If you are experiencing foot, ankle or knee pain or have arthritis and you’re looking for the quickest pain relief that will give lasting results, then call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 and make an appointment for a prolozone consultation today!