Rita Ora Breaks A Toe!

Diving in the Maldives is at the top of my bucket list but breaking my toe while vacationing there is definitely not. Rita Ora, British singer and actress, recently posted on Instagram a picture of her broken left big toe. It appears that while she was on vacation she smashed her toe and sustained a minor break. Despite the injury, the X-factor judge was still able to enjoy her vacation and all the beauty the Maldives had to offer.

Fracturing a toe can be a very painful and debilitating but they are also fairly easy to treat. The first thing your podiatrist will acquire is an X-ray of the affected toe. Analysis of the X-ray by the podiatrist will help to determine the severity of the fracture and the proper treatment to be rendered. If the fracture of the toe is displaced (separated greatly) then surgical intervention may be needed. If the fracture line is together (non-displaced) then a simple taping technique such as the one visualized below may be used. Typically the doctor will use a “buddy splint” technique where the fractured toe is taped to the adjacent toe(s). This helps to maintain proper alignment of the fracture site and also minimize its motion. The podiatrist may also dispense a walking boot to help prevent excess pressure to the broken toe. On average, a broken toes take between six to eight weeks to heal completely. With the help of your Healthy Feet podiatrist you may be able to speed up the healing process down to five weeks.

If you or a loved one has suffered a toe injury then I suggest you call on the doctors of Healthy Feet Podiatry immediately. The doctors are all very well trained in treating all types of fractures and they utilize treatments that are highly efficient and effective.

As for Miss Ora, I pray she has a speedy recovery and that her next tropical vacation is not dampened by another fracture.

Best Regards,
Dr. Cruz